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Metal Joystick for iPad/Tablet
Metal Joystick for iPad/Tablet
Product name : Metal Joystick for iPad/Tablet
Item : JT-2904204
Price :
Details of Metal Joystick for iPad/Tablet :

Production Overview

This Joystick is with solid milled-aluminum construction. The control ball features laser etching for better grip. The base of the unit features a small suction cup contact to hold the joystick in place without harming the screen. A special mesh material contacts the touch screen to control the motion. This cool gadget makes a great gift for the friend who has it all. It’s too much fun not to have! Get your Joystick today!  


Product Features

l          This joystick brings your iPad/Android tablet gaming to the next level.

l          It gives you a real physical joystick for increased precision with touch screen based games.

l          Removable and reposition-able, it will not harm your screen.

l          Quick and easy suction cup attachment.

l          The Joystick works with thousands of games, and there are no wires to attach and batteries required!

l          Size: height is 4.8cm, bottom diameter is 3.2cm.



1.         Locate the virtual on - screen joypad on the touch screen and place this joystick in the center.

2.         Push down on joystick to adhere it to the screen.

3.         You can now play the game using joystick.

4.         When finished, push joystick at an angle and it will pop off of the screen. .


Some recommended hot games for the joystick :


War 2 victory       Pro Evolution       Street Fighter       Counter-Strike    Star Battalion HD  

                           Soccer 2011


Dogfight 1951     Chopper 2           Heavy Gunner        Cross Fire          PAC-MAN


(For the information mentioned-above, due to the improvement of product, such as technology, further notice won’t be given if there is any change)

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