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Bluetooth Wireless Controller for PS3
Bluetooth Wireless Controller for PS3
Product name : Bluetooth Wireless Controller for PS3
Item : JT-1005244A
Price :
Details of Bluetooth Wireless Controller for PS3 :
  • Description 
    This controller utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology for game play and compatible with PS3 console. It also integrates the motion sensing technology, which can detect the full directional dynamic information, such as Roll, Pitch, etc. It not only can sense the angle of the controller, but also can catch the acceleration information from X, Y, Z axis, and then feed back to the PS3 console. Through this controller, the users can perform special actions for some motion sensing games. 
  •  Features 
    1.Bluetooth wireless technology, no delay, and decent performance 
    2.Rumble support 
    3.Sixaxis motion sensing technology 
    4.Built-in battery (600mAh), rechargeable, with charging indicator 
    The function buttons can be changed to other design, the controller function buttons will
    be made as customer confirmation      

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