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PS4 luxury Headset
PS4 luxury Headset
Product name : PS4 luxury Headset
Item : JT-7001424C
Price :
Details of PS4 luxury Headset :
 The Product is used for PS4 handle game.You will feel comfortable by adapting left and right side, and will not feel tired when long time playing games. The microphone can be rotated with 360degree, it is easy to use, just need to connect with 3.5mm interface of the controller, the volume is easy to be controlled, and the headphone is used in chatting and voice message when playing games or out of games.
2.The headphone edge is made of waterproof cloth, can prevent sweat effectively.

The basis works electric voltage: 0.3V
Impedance: 16Ω+15%
Current Consumption: 18.75MA
Sensitivity: 114+5db
Rated Input Power: 25MW
Max Input Power: 50MW
Frequency rang: 20HZ-20KHZ
Mi intelligent degree: -45+3DB
Deal with contact: Φ3.5mm, ABS material
Deal with contact an outside: no-poisonous ABS material

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