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4in1 Gaming Steering Wheel for XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/PC
4in1  Gaming Steering Wheel for XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/PC
Product name : 4in1 Gaming Steering Wheel for XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/PC
Item : JT-C10313
Price :
Details of 4in1 Gaming Steering Wheel for XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/PC :
 Fully compatible USB powered multi-format twin vibration effect racing wheel, paddle shift, stick shift and foot pedals system to take your race game experience to the next level. All of the games controller buttons and controls are present from your favourite consoles. The Turbo GT Racing wheel supports Digital, Analog and Steering Wheel Mode and Vibration Function game play for use with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3/ PlayStation 2 consoles and Personal Computer via USB connection.

 System Requirement:
  1. Game Console:  For Xbox 360/
PS 3/PS 2/PC, PAL and NTSC        system. Personal Computer with USB Port

2. Game Style: PAL and NTSC system games for Xbox 360, PS3 or PS2 Console, PC Games

3. Operating Environment: Indoor


Hardware Features:
      A> Vogue external appearance design;
      B> Vibration back up for any exciting car racing games

C> Easy to operate, just plug in and play.

D> Support the Digital/ Analog mode


Product Technical Specifications

       1)  2 axis, D-pad and 10 independent fire buttons are available.

       2)  Two built-in motors make the control more realistic and lifelike.

       3)  Supports 3 modes: Digital, Analog mode                                                                               

4)  Rotatable angle reaches 180 degree 

5)  Foot pedal has Analog function in Digital mode

6)  Foot pedals are installed with sprung acceleration and brake control

7)  Hand brake and shift function is available.

8)  Cable length for wheel and foot pedal is respectively 1.8m and 1.5m

9)  Compatible with Xbox ONE/PS3/PS2/PS one and PC (USB port).


Connection and installation:

ü  Be aware to let wheel angle positioning at 0∘(do not touch the wheel) before you plug the wheel connector into your games console or PC when power is on. This will ensure that the wheel angle is centered from the beginning. You can repeat the this procedure if you found your wheel is not centered.

ü  Plug the foot pedal USB connector with the racing wheel USB port.


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