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XBOX ONE AC Adapter (PAL Plug)
XBOX ONE AC Adapter (PAL Plug)
Product name : XBOX ONE AC Adapter (PAL Plug)
Item : JT-2000024
Price :
Details of XBOX ONE AC Adapter (PAL Plug) :


The Product is suitable for the XBOX ONE console. It is with DC stable output and has built-in protection circuit for overcharge, over voltage, short circuit.
1. High compatibility, support various versions of XBOX ONE console;
2. Universal power, voltage between 100 v - 245 v can be input directly;
3. Active PFC design, which can protect the XBOX ONE console and enjoy yourself in games, when the input voltage is not stable.
4. In view of the big-screen high-definition TV, it has strong anti-interference, no snowflake point images, no moving images.
5. Four safety protection: lightning protection, power surge protection, overload and short circuit protection
AC 100V-245V~5A, 47-63 Hz
Power Consumption
The Stand-by AC adapter shall be less than 0.9Watts at the input voltage range of 100~245VAC.
3. Output
12V, 10.83A, 5V, 1A
 Ripple & Noise: Tested by a oscilloscope using 20MHz bandwidth and the output is paralleled a 0.1uFceramiccapacitor and a 10uF electrolysis capacitor. (Under the input Voltage 100~245Vac)
4. Over Current Protection
 Output current will be less than 7000mA
Short Circuit Protection
The input power shall decrease and the LED out when the output is short to GND, and shall be self-recovery when the fault condition is removed.


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