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PS2/PS3/WII/PC wireless guitar
PS2/PS3/WII/PC wireless guitar
Product name : PS2/PS3/WII/PC wireless guitar
Item : JT-0110023
Price :
Details of PS2/PS3/WII/PC wireless guitar :

This is a 4-in-1 2.4G wireless guitar; it uses the 2.4G communication protocol, and using the latest touch-screen technology.

This product is designed to play on PSII/ Wii Guitar Hero series and Rock Band games, PS III Guitar Hero III and Rock Band games.

It can support two players mode if two guitar controllers connect to the console.


Product Instruction:

1.      Wireless receiver Box

2.      Guitar

3.      Guitar Strap

4.      User Manual



1.      2.4G wireless Guitar for PSIII/ PSII/ WII/ PC

2.      5 fret buttons and 5 slide touch keys

3.      Responsive whammy bar

4.      Enhanced bi-direction strum bar

5.      5 mode switch (for Rock Band only)

6.      Discharge switch: erect guitar for more than 70 degrees, the switch turns on, the screen shows the effect of discharge.

7.      Auto-Scan pairing technology

8.      Force connect function

9.      Low-voltage instruction function: when the battery less than 3.5V, the channel indicator LED start flashing alternately in order to prompt the player to replace the battery as soon as possible



Operating Instruction:

1) Assemble the 3 parts of guitar. (Figure 1). Insert 3 pcs 1.5V (AA) batteries inside the battery compartment which is located the rear side of guitar (Figure 2)



                            (Figure 1)                    (Figure 2)

2) Connect the wireless receiver device with the game platform. The Link LED on the receiver will be flash.


3) Press switch button on the receiver to choose the game platform (PS3 Hero, PS3 RB, Wii or PC). It is automatic identification with PS II platform.


4) Power on the guitar, the Link LED on the receiver will be light always. The wireless communication protocol between the wireless receiver and guitar is successful. The guitar is ready to be used.




5) PS3 channel LED selection: After the connecting of receiver and guitar finished, press “MENU/ FORCE” button for 2 seconds for selecting the channel.


6) Finale: After entering the game, when the button when the tail appears, via press or release the finale, There will have the effect of residual sound reverberation.


7) Mode switch (receiver): This switch is a switch gaming platform, PC/PS3/WII



8) Fret buttons and slide touch keys description: the colors of 5 buttons as follows: green - red - yellow - blue - orange, they are to identify and return function. According to the definition of different games and platforms, their function are different, follow the screen prompts to choose. At this time 5 slide touch keys and 5 fret buttons are functioning. When entering the game, the 5 fret buttons and 5 slide touch keys corresponding to the five buttons on the screen of the game.


9) START: According to the game screen prompts to make a choice


10) SELECET: According to the game screen prompts to make a choice.


11) POWER SWITCH: is used to switch power on or off the guitar. In the online state, within 5 minutes without any action on guitar, guitar into hibernation.


12) Low power indicator, when the battery voltage falls below 3.5V, the 4-channel LED starts to flash. Indicate the player to replace the battery as soon as possible.


13) PC drive: Using PC as a gaming platform, if the computer system is Window_XP, please drive CD-ROM into the computer according to the prompts. When the system is Window_7 or Window_Vistar, no drive needed



1.      Remove the batteries when the product will not be used for an extended period of time.

2.      Please do not use this product under high temperature, humid or dusty environment.

3.      Please keep this product away from exposing to the sunlight directly.

4.      Use a dry cloth to clean it, never use chemical to clean it.

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