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Sensational Headset for XBOX360
Sensational Headset for XBOX360
Product name : Sensational Headset for XBOX360
Item : JT-1103302
Price :
Details of Sensational Headset for XBOX360 :
  • Promote the on-line communication with this X-BOX, an unprecedented product. You can share the strategy with your teammates, and chat while playing games.
  • You can make a record for friends or family members by this headset, also can save the massage of speech. It can be used as a telephone.
  • Can adjust the volume, and make games more interesting individually.
    1. The microphone can strengthen the function and obtain the best timbre.
    2. The supplementary switch can control or mute volume outside.
    3. The microphone can obstruct the noise outside; improve the speech and data exchange.
    4.It is light and handy, and more comfortable with the soft cover.


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